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About Crayon College

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Crayon College Bourne MA ribbon cutting


Lucinda Morgan owns Crayon College, a full day childcare program with 3 locations, Kingston, Plymouth and Bourne. She began her career as a Kindergarten teacher transitioning into the role of director in her early 20’s. She eventually became a regional director for a large corporation, overseeing multiple centers.

As Cindy gained experience and business knowledge, she realized she missed the intimacy of smaller centers.  That’s where her dream of Crayon College started. With her husband’s support she opened the first Crayon College in Kingston in 2004. The second location in Plymouth opened its doors in 2007. Bourne is the newest location, that opened in 2016. Cindy’s philosophy is very simple, children thrive where they feel safe and loved.

In each of the three centers Cindy invests as much time in her teachers as she does with the children and families. Crayon College teachers are encouraged to grow and gain experience. All of the classrooms are designed to promote child based learning experiences. Teachers design age appropriate curriculum that fosters growth and development.


Crayon College believes that children learn and develop best when in a secure, loving environment. Since we are concerned with the whole child, we aim to balance their development in all areas: social, emotional, physical and intellectual.

Our teachers are dedicated to helping children grow at their natural pace by building their self-confidence, strengths and skills. Simply stated, the philosophy of Crayon College is to provide high quality, safe, secure care and learning experiences for children in a positive atmosphere.

Our goals include:

  • Maintaining a non-competetive, non-judgmental atmosphere in which children develop a positive self-image.
  • Helping young children to develop interpersonal relationships with peers and adults that are founded on sharing, trust and mutual respect.
  • Promoting a partnership between home and school.
  • Challenging each child to reach his/her potential and take pride in his/her accomplishments.

We value:

  • The opportunity to fulfill the human potential in all children.
  • That the physical and emotional health and safety of all our children are our highest priorities.
  • The the work of the child is growth through play.
  • That the provision of professionally trained teachers who adhere to the principle of promoting positive self-esteem is essential to providing a growth environment.
  • That each child is an individual with unique and valuable characteristics who should be encouraged to progress at his/her own pace.

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Testimonial – 7/20/2020

We understand how unsure the world can be right now during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our Crayon College team is doing their very best to assure that all of the students and staff are staying safe during this time.  We are pleased to hear a glowing reference from one parent to another about our...


“She has learned so much and is so happy here, we are thrilled with our choice!” Jonah


“We greatly appreciate the extra mile his teacher always goes for him, we are blessed to have such a wonderful teacher and that he has such a wonderful environment everyday” Heather

September 2018 Plymouth Calendar

Hello, First, let me say again how much fun I had visiting with your program. I’ve worked in education before, but it had been a long time since I had been in a classroom and I had never worked with children so young. I can honestly say that my experience last semester helped to validate my...

“Just wanted to send Kudos to you and your staff! What struck me first yesterday during Andrew’s pick up was the interaction you and your staff members were having with the kids. The kids were all happily engaged in various activities with a staff member or being held by a staff member. Crayon...

Dear Jenny and Jennifer, I seriously can’t explain how sad I felt yesterday to have Cadence leave her happy little toddler home- not because she won’t be fine in preschool (she totally was) but because I have loved having part of the warm and friendly world you create every day. It really has...

“Thanks you so much for taking care of my precious Audrey Grace, She is blossoming into a wonderful little girl and you all do a fabulous job.” Susannah

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of our little girl. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it” Duffley Family

“Thank you guys for taking such good care of all our little loves every day. It means everything to me to know that they are safe and well cared for when they are away from me.” Michelle

“Just wanted to say thank you for being so kind to us & the children. It has been a rough year (with the last 6 months not any better) but working with us made us less stressed & ensured that Madison & Andrew always had a loving place to go! Thank you SO much for everything! We really appreciate...