Academic Benefits of Plymouth, MA Child Care Might Reach High School

Horror stories about child care centers neglecting their charges can spark worries in parents who need to find a place to entrust their children while they work. However, a study has shown that high-quality child care has positive effects on children’s academic performance that lasts until they are in high school. A Reuters article explains the findings further:

Quality for childcare is usually measured by how much time the provider spends interacting with the children, as well as warmth, support and cognitive stimulation.

The ongoing study is meant to inform the policy debate on whether both parents should work when children are young and whether providing childcare is good for the children, their parents and society as a whole.

“High quality child care appears to provide a small boost to academic performance, perhaps by fostering the early acquisition of school readiness skills,” said James Griffin of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the NIH institute that paid for the study.

“The current findings reveal that the modest association between early childcare and subsequent academic achievement and behavior seen in earlier study findings persists through childhood and into the teen years.”

Academic Benefits of Plymouth-MA Child Care Might Reach High School

Looking for a reliable child care in Plymouth, MA can be a real challenge, but finding the right one can be a worthy investment which will impart children with advantages for years to come. High-quality day cares can be meaningful places of development and growth for very young children from pre-school to kindergarten. With the right facility, a child can benefit from improved self-esteem, interactions with peers, and learning through play. A low teacher-student ratio also ensures that the unique needs, talents and capabilities of children are addressed and cultivated, giving each child the space to progress at their own pace.

For parents who are searching for a Plymouth nursery school, there are trustworthy facilities in the area such as Crayon College at Plymouth that provides a safe, nurturing environment while having a firm foundation on age-appropriate educational curriculum for infant children up to the kindergarten level. A must for such centers is their dedication to the emotional and physical health of the children they are entrusted with, and dependable teachers prioritize this.

Juggling child-care and work can be difficult for working parents who are trying their best to provide a great life for their children. Good child care centers can be invaluable allies in the day to day challenges of keeping children happy and safe, with the bonus of boosting their academic performance well into high school.

(Source: Study shows consistent benefit of early daycare, Reuters)