Choosing Childcare – A Success Story

Crayon College of Plymouth

choosing-childcare-a-success-story-2You’re a mom. You love your children. You are moving to a new city, and you work full time. How on earth are you supposed to decide which strangers to leave her children with for 8 hours a day? For me, the decision was all-consuming, daunting and loaded with an extra challenge: My children has never really been away from me before, and I had to figure this out from another state.

When our family got the opportunity to move to Plymouth, we were ecstatic. Our children would be able to grow up surrounded by family. My husband could realize a career with a lifestyle that would offer him the flexibility to spend much more time with our family. It was a no-brainer.

OK, so now what? I have always hated leaving my children with anyone, even family. I wanted to spend every second with them. How was I supposed to find a place I could trust with my children 40 hours a week, at the most pivotal time in their development, from another state? Seriously?

I asked friends and family in the area, and no one had any recommendations. I was on my own. I started by searching on the internet. I found over 30 providers in the area. I took a deep breath and started making phone calls.

After hours on the phone, one thing was clear: this process would hinge completely on the PEOPLE. The numbers were insignificant. The number of kids in each facility; the number of miles from our home; the number of ratios of staff to children; even the number of dollars it would cost: none of it came close to the importance of the quality of people. When it comes down to leaving your child with another person and driving away, all that really matter is: who is that person?

Once I came to that realization, the decision became surprisingly easy.

I spoke with Laurie Frost, Director of Crayon College in Plymouth, several times over the phone. It didn’t take long before I felt as if we were old friends. Laurie understood my dilemma, demonstrated compassion for me, and for the children in her care. She was transparent about the facility and all that it offered, including her staff and the curriculum. She made it obvious that the goal at Crayon College was the same as mine: that the children are nurtured in a safe and loving environment.

I visited several sites to see how the children and teachers interacted, get a feel for the classrooms and outdoor grounds, and let my intuition do its job. One thing was incredibly obvious when comparing the different daycare facilities. The children at Crayon College were all happy, interaction as if the staff were made up of their aunts and uncles, and the other children their brothers, sisters and cousins.

There was no question where we wanted to send our boys. The staff at Crayon College provide love, care, guidance and support to the children. They create a nurturing environment, where the children really are treated like family. The children’s intellect and motor skills are encouraged to grow.

But there is so much more. The staff at Crayon College values character. Throughout the year several charity events take place, in which the children are encouraged to participate. The staff participate offsite and during weekend hours, teaching by example, by being good people. They are dedicated. The teachers make themselves available for consultation and collaboration, and genuinely make caring for the children a team effort with the parents. It is like an extended family. My children are excited to head to Crayon College every morning. Asking for their teachers by name. I never thought the day would come that I could drop my children off, completely at ease, and not worry about a thing all day. This is how childcare is supposed to be.