From Kingston Kids Child Care to Your Home: Little Lessons to Teach

A child’s behavior is influenced by many factors, including the kind of environment he is in and the attention he receives based on his attitude and actions. This is perhaps the reason why children are more likely to behave properly in school than at home.

Preschool Teacher

Early education experts say that a child misbehaves more at home than in school because parents, particularly mothers, tend to create a safer, more accepting environment; while school imposes more rules and expects discipline. This behavioral quandary is universally experienced by parents, including those in Kingston, MA. Although in quality day care love is abundant, nothing compares to a parents love. contributor Marguerite Lamb writes about a similar challenge she faces with her 3-year old Sophie:

“At school she cleans up her toys, puts on her shoes, and is entirely self-sufficient at potty time. At home, she whines whenever I ask her to pick up anything, insists I join her in the bathroom whenever she has to go, and lately has started demanding that I spoon-feed her dinner. Clearly, her teacher knows something I don’t.

But then, what parent hasn’t occasionally wondered: Why is my child better for everyone else than for me? The simple answer: Your child tests her limits with you because she trusts you will love her no matter what. But that doesn’t mean you can’t borrow a few strategies from the preschool teachers’ playbook to get the best from your child.”

Ms. Lamb then lists some techniques used in school that may also be adopted at home to encourage children to behave more independently and responsibly. These include assigning chores to children, giving them ample warnings before ending an activity or switching to a new one, using music, encouraging teamwork among playmates, and not delaying reprimands.

Indeed, an effective Kingston kids child care provider is one where your child can learn the basics in character building, including keeping her toys and making friends (with other children); as well as in cognitive development, which could start by identifying colors and numbers, among others. The purpose of teaching children these things is to prepare them for the more complex lessons in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary.

Professional child care givers and teachers in a trusted Kingston nursery school like Crayon College encourages independence in young children by giving them the chance to solve simple problems and perform age-appropriate tasks on their own.

The lessons these kids learn go a long way to instilling diligence and confidence in themselves. While giving the kind of acceptance their children expect from them, parents can take a page or two out of these schools’ books, and lovingly continue the lessons at home.

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