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My husband Mike and I recently bought a house in Kingston and I was out with the girls in my neighborhood last night, and the talk of preschool and kindergarten came up. One of my neighbors was going on about how she wished she has held her son back bc he just is not ready for kindergarten. As the convo went on she mentioned she wished that she had sent him to Crayon College for preschool and my ears perked right up. The conversation then erupted into how all of my neighbors absolutely love Crayon College and are either on waitlists to get in or have just recently got their child in. I loved hearing that and couldn’t stop smiling for you! (They also mentioned how all of the Kindergarten teachers rave about your program and how well prepared the kids are for Kindergarten.)
I am sure you receive amazing reviews all the time but I just felt like I needed to reach out and pass their kind words along, as I know how much you care about the kids and program you run and clearly it shows! -Katie from Kingston