Kingston Kids in Child Care Have Better Future Education Opportunities

Quality childcare during early childhood prepares your children socially, emotionally, and educationally for kindergarten, childcare helps young children adjust to being in a “classroom setting” and makes the transition to kindergarten easier. The same sentiments were shared by a feature on the MassLive website, November 12, 2014. The article discussed the government’s desire for quality pre-school programs for all children, and the reality that the United States is behind other industrialized nations when it comes to supporting early childhood curriculums. The article raises a notable point:


“Among industrialized nations, the United States ranks last when it comes to supporting and funding early childhood programs and among low income families it is even worse, one study finding that less than 50 percent of low-income children are enrolled in a preschool program.

Research shows that children who have access to high quality preschool education are more likely to graduate from high school, attend college and have stronger job earnings and less likely to commit violent crimes or become a teen parent. There is also an economic benefit to early intervention that can be measured. For every dollar spent there can be as much as an $11 return on the investment. If the research is clear about these benefits why would we not want to spend more in our most vulnerable youth?”

If you are a parent who is genuinely concerned about your child’s future, seek out the best pre-school options for them. You can always entrust the early education of your child to a professional pre-school center within Massachusetts, such as Crayon College. Kingston kids in child care will learn valuable lessons (both academic and practical) and prepare themselves for elementary school.

A child’s time in school can have a considerable impact on his or her growth, especially when it comes to developing social skills with others. Although it is tempting to simply enroll your child in just any pre-school, you have to make careful considerations to ensure your child’s needs are met. A suitable nursery school in Kingston, such as Crayon College, should have programs that balance a loving and warm atmosphere, an academic approach, and the freedom to allow children to reach and surpass developmental milestones. By undergoing such comprehensive programs, children will be prepared to face greater challenges in their bright future.

(Source: Viewpoint on Education: Children need ‘Strong Start’ to ensure solid future,, Nov. 12, 2014)