At Crayon College, we know that a child’s development can start as early as infancy. One significant contributor are their experiences, which can help them develop a positive sense of self, and allow them to better manage the learning they’ll experience in the future. We believe childhood is a time of exploring and discovery, as well as fun, warmth, and security.

That is why at our Plymouth, Bourne and Kingston nursery school and preschool, we make sure children have a place that safely provides them with the opportunities to develop, interact with other children, think creatively, and learn about different emotions, among many other practical lessons. We want them to be prepared for the challenges they will face as they grow up, yet want to make sure they are able to enjoy all learning experiences along the way.

We offer a developmentally appropriate educational curriculum throughout the year for children from infancy through kindergarten. The warm, loving, nurturing atmosphere creates an optimum learning environment. Our low student-teacher ratio provides the individual attention essential in helping children thrive. This setup also allows the learning they receive to be slightly customized based on the things that they are good at and what they can improve on.

Our Kingston, Bourne and Plymouth Preschool Programs focus on developing the young child’s imagination and curiosity for learning. We provide a well-structured program in which children feel comfortable and reassured. We create a warm, family-like environment in which children can assert their independence and learn practical life skills while developing a positive self-image through love and understanding.

Schedule & Fees

Monday – Friday, 52 weeks a year
Plymouth, Bourne & Kingston – 6:30am – 6:00pm

Child Care Tuitions:

Plymouth, Bourne & Kingston

2 days:  $168.00
3 days:  $247.00
4 days:  $336.00
5 days:  $395.00
2 days:  $150.00
3 days:  $232.00
4 days:  $306.00
5 days:  $370.00
2 days:  $123.00
3 days:  $182.00
4 days:  $241.00
5 days:  $285.00

Tuition is based on a 10 hour day. Arrangements should be made
with the Director at the time of enrollment if an extended schedule
is required.

  • Each additional hour will be charged at $10.00.
  • Family discount- 10% family discount will be applied to the
    oldest child’s tuition.
  • Annual registration fee- $50.00 per child.


When children go on from Crayon College, we
want them to be confident in their ability to manage the school
environment, to solve problems, to make friends and to rely on
adults who are not family members for guidance and support.