Quick and Easy Tips for Choosing the Right Kingston Day Care Provider

Choosing a reputable Kingston kids child care center can be a bit tricky, especially for working parents who can’t fully supervise their kids throughout the day. Since parents want only the best for their little ones, it’s safe to say that even the busiest moms and dads will still take time to assess and select a reliable day care center. Houston Chronicle correspondent Dana Guthrie got a hold of an expert in this excerpt from her article:

“Parents often have to compromise between finding the best child care and finding care that is affordable, said Rhian Allvin, executive director of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, which accredits child care programs across the United States. Part of the reason for that is the industry’s low pay, she added.

“At the end of the day, parents have to use their best judgment,” Allvin said. But there are certain criteria every parent should look for, whether they are enrolling an infant in day care for the first time or deciding whether to switch to a different center.”

Here are some quick tips to help narrow down your day care center choices in Kingston.

tips for choosing the right day care center

Security and Sign-in Protocols

A good day care in Kingston must have an organized method of getting children in and out of the center to ensure maximum working efficiency. Aside from this, security should also be top priority. There is one simple trick to gauge a center’s degree of security: if you can walk in and out of a center and enter the kids’ room easily without encountering at least one staff member, then you better move on to your next option.


Ask about the staff’s relevant child care training, specifically if they attend classes or workshops to improve their skills. Take note that the more special training or degrees the caregivers have in the center, the better they will be able to educate and nurture your child. Moreover, get to know how long the teachers and other staff members have been at the center. A high turnover rate should be considered a red flag.


Top-quality day care centers are clean, colorful, well-lit, and wide open. Such features give kids plenty of room to play, learn, and socialize. See to it that you opt for a center that has policies on child health and a child-friendly set-up.

Leaving your beloved kids to established child care providers like Crayon College is a wise investment to make as you watch them grow up into good citizens. Indeed, not only are their minds sharpened, but the holistic care provided by dependable day care centers ensures that your young one’s emotional and physical well-being are nurtured as well.

(Source: Tips for Choosing the Right Day Care Center, Houston Chronicle, May 5, 2014)