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We understand how unsure the world can be right now during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our Crayon College team is doing their very best to assure that all of the students and staff are staying safe during this time.  We are pleased to hear a glowing reference from one parent to another about our service.  Below is a reference/testimonial from one parent to another…thank you!

“Hi “Future Potential Parent (name omitted for safety)”!

My name is Nicole. My son, Brayton, recently started attending Crayon College! I am so happy with the care there!
I was of course nervous to drop him off on his first day. Angela, however, calmed my nerves. Any questions I had prior to his first day were answered in a timely manner. As a matter of fact, I could literally email Angela and have an answer within 5 minutes of sending her an email. She was also great enough to send multiple pictures of my sweetie on his first day.
I have no reservations about leaving my son at Crayon College. The staff is professional and they always have a smile on their faces. My son LOVES daycare. I think he actually may like it more than being at home with me. I love how he comes home with his “daily sheet” every day (this is a sheet that details when he ate, slept, his diaper changes, etc). It is so simple yet provides so much information about how his day went.
I know it may seem scary to even think of leaving your baby at daycare in the midst of a pandemic, but rest assured that he will be well cared for at Crayon College. They have a  FANTASTIC screening process that the kids go through every morning at drop off including a temperate check.
I hope this helps! Please do not hesitate to email me back if you have any further questions.