The Key Benefits of Investing in Quality Day Care in Plymouth, MA

Quality child care and early education should never be compromised, even for affordability. This is why national organizations are continuously striving to make the industry more cost friendly.

setting the stage for young children in 2014

In her blog Early Directions, Child Care Aware® of America director Lynette Fraga, Ph.D. discusses the national reforms implemented to further strengthen affordable, high quality child care. Fraga commended President Obama’s budget allotment for “high quality, coordinated early learning program that would ensure all children would have access to preschool.” Fraga further writes:

“For years Child Care Aware® of America has shared one message: affordable, high quality child care matters. It matters for children and it matters for families.

This year, the White House took notice, with President Obama making expanded opportunities for high quality child care and early learning not just a part of his policy agenda, but a central focus of that agenda so that “none of our children start the race of life already behind.”

This unparalleled attention to an issue that impacts the more than 11 million children in out of home care was met with welcomed hope and renewed inspiration.”

Almost halfway through 2014, parents are still troubled by the costs of day care. Child Care Aware® reports that in 2013, the average annual cost for full-time care of 4-year-olds in Massachusetts was around $11,600. Even while local prices are less expensive than in other states, they are still daunting statistics. Investing in quality day care in Plymouth, MA, however, brings priceless benefits.

Quality Care

Instead of amateur babysitters, licensed centers employ trained, background-checked professionals. The environment is controlled and tailored to suit the age of the children, and equipped with standard resources in case of emergency. Therefore, children receive safe, stable, and warm care from a staff that capably protect children’s physical and emotional health, and nurture their needs.

Quality Education

Studies show that early education enhances the child’s language, literacy, and other cognitive and functional developments. An affordable Plymouth preschool like Crayon College fosters a non-competitive, non-judgmental learning atmosphere to advance the learning of the child, and improve self-image at the same time. Age-appropriate activities help in these goals, while a low teacher-child ratio allow focused and comprehensive monitoring of each child’s progress.

(Source: 2013: Setting the Stage for Young Children in 2014, Early Directions, January 3, 2014)