The Right Plymouth Pre-School Can Give Your Child a Head Start

As a caring parent, you want your child to have all the advantages as he/she goes out into the wider world. Starting early with the child’s development at a great Plymouth pre-school like Crayon College is the key to this. The ideal preschool gives your child quality learning experiences that enhances his/her emotional and intellectual development. There are several educational techniques that these schools implement to make learning easy and fun for your child. These techniques are noted to have similar characteristics that make them successful.

Successful Start

Learning through Play

Learning while playing is guaranteed to give your child an enjoyable Plymouth pre-school experience. Of course that seems obvious; children like to play, after all, and combining it with learning lessons ensures they have fun while doing so.

An excellent example of this methodology is the Playway method. Children learn about languages, mathematics, and other subjects through enjoyable activities. For example, children learn songs that introduce new words to improve their vocabulary and grammar, while playing with building blocks develops a child’s creativity and basic math skills.

Experiential Learning

Another trend in child education techniques is experiential learning. Many people are aware of Montessori schools that pioneered this approach. The method is based on the idea that children learn better if they experience what they’re supposed to learn, rather than just being told about it. Activities supervised by a teacher let your child learn in a natural manner while retaining the lesson better.

The Montessori method isn’t the only one that uses experiential learning. The Waldorf method was developed around the same time and emphasizes imagination and free play so the child would learn at his/her own pace. Another example is the Reggio Emilia technique. Teachers using this method encourage children to explore a particular topic on their own, usually ending the discussion of a topic with a large-scale group project that utilizes everything that the children learned.

STEM Start

Children are also getting a head start in the science and technology track with an emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) education. The world’s increasing dependence on technology means that it would be best if children get an early foundation in the sciences.

Though some may think that science is too complicated a subject for young children, it is possible to encourage them in that direction. For example, young students can be exposed to nature and be encouraged to ask questions about natural phenomena. This kindles their curiosity and makes them excited about learning more.

(Source: Preschool Trends for a Successful Start, Metrokids, March 2014)