Why Choose Us

Why Choose UsCrayon College believes that children learn and develop best when in a secure, loving environment. Since we are concerned with the whole child, we aim to balance their development in all areas: social, emotional, physical and intellectual. Our teachers are dedicated to helping children grow at their natural pace by building their self-confidence, strengths and skills. Simply stated, the philosophy of Crayon College is to provide high quality, safe, secure care and learning experiences for children in a positive atmosphere.

Our goals include:

  • Maintaining a non-competitive, non-judgmental atmosphere in which children develop a positive self-image.
  • Helping young children to develop interpersonal relationships with peers and adults that are founded on sharing, trust and mutual respect.
  • Promoting a partnership between home and school.
  • Challenging each child to reach his/her potential and take pride in his/her accomplishments.

We value:

  • The opportunity to fulfill the human potential of all children.
  • That the physical and emotional health and safety of all children are our highest priorities.
  • That the work of a child is growth through play.
  • That the provision of professionally trained teachers who adhere to the principle of promoting positive self-esteem is essential to providing a growth environment.
  • That each child is an individual with unique and valuable characteristics who should be encouraged to progress at his/her own rate.