Why Day Care in Plymouth, MA is a Lot Better than Regular Babysitting

While many parents send their children to day care out of necessity and may even have misgivings about it at first, child care is actually quite beneficial for kids. As detailed in Childcare.net article, day care is not only a place for parents to drop off their kids as they go about their work and busy schedule:

“One of the most important benefits children can receive from attending daycare is learning how to make friends. Children in daycare also gain a well-needed tolerance for other children, thus the human race as a whole. It is important that children learn how to get along with one another and play with one another as they will be interacting in one way or another with other children for their entire school career, not to mention their life in general.”

The key to this advantage is that day care is not merely a way to make sure a child is looked after, which is commonly the end goal in having a nanny or a babysitter. Rather, it is a way for a child to begin early learning and have fun social experiences in a safe and nurturing environment where there are other kids of approximately the same age. The article also details how attending a Plymouth nursery school can help a child deal with separation anxiety:

“Most toddlers develop separation anxiety around their first birthday, and this continues in varying degrees for several years. A child who attends daycare will likely have a significantly reduced level of anxiety when kindergarten comes along, as he will already have dealt with the separation from his parents. Children in daycare learn quickly how to adapt to the rules associated with being in another setting besides their home”

Places like Crayon College provide this advantage. Such a day care in Plymouth, MA also offers learning programs for infants, toddlers, and children at the preschool and kindergarten levels. The diversity of personalities, both in respect of other children and teachers, enable children to learn about and appreciate the differences between each person, which subsequently helps define their own personalities.

social benefits for the child who attends daycare

The right day care is also simply more advantageous from an educational standpoint, as children spend their time not just being cared for until their parents return but go also through custom learning activities that aid their ability to learn. These programs are conducted in a true educational setting, helping them get a good grasp of the lessons something which might not take place at the same pace in a more informal home babysitting environment.

(Source: Social Benefits for the Child Who Attends Daycare, Childcare.net)